Thank you for choosing to enroll in our lesson program here at Liberty Hill Farm.   We look
forward to helping you or your child improve your riding skills and appreciation of the horse.  
Learning to ride well requires consistent effort and practice.  We hope the following will serve to
answer any questions regarding how the program is structured.   

The Lesson Program consists of a minimum of one lesson per week. Two are recommended,
after the initial month.
Lessons are scheduled for  45 minutes at a cost of $60.00.  
Lessons are scheduled at the same time each week though out the year.
Lessons are rescheduled when holidays cause a conflict for either the student or the instructor.

A one lesson deposit, per lesson scheduled each week, will be billed when the student commits to
the program or adds a second lesson.  This deposit will be refunded by mail  when two weeks
notice is given that the student is not going to continue taking the lesson and is current on

A $20.00 supply fee is accessed in the Spring and the Fall  to students who have been in the
program for at least three months to ensure that tack, equipment, and horses are kept in good

Time scheduled for your lesson is based on time spent getting the horse saddled and bridled
riding and unsaddling and putting the horse away.
Student's ages and abilities will obviously determine how much of these activities they are able to
perform.  When starting out, the instructor will perform these tasks and students need to watch
and learn how to do them. As time goes on, students will be able, as well as expected, to accept
more responsibility for these tasks.

                                                    **PLEASE NOTE**

Payments are due on or before the first of the month and will include payment for every
lesson scheduled during that month.

Refunds are never given for missed lessons.

Fees from lessons needing to be made up are never applied to the next month’s fees.

Make up lessons and any fees for lessons already paid for or owed are forfeited at the time
of withdrawal.

If student goes from  two lessons a week to one a week then one half  of the outstanding
lessons needing to be made up at the time of that change will be forfeited

It is the student’s responsibility to schedule all makeup lessons.

Lessons must be made up within six weeks of the originally scheduled lesson.

Once scheduled, the makeup lesson cannot be rescheduled except for bad weather or

If a student wishes to cancel a lesson due to bad weather and lessons are being held that
day, the lesson will not be made up
Bad weather, illness, and personal conflicts can create a need to reschedule lessons.  If a
student wishes to reschedule a lesson it must be taken within six weeks of the originally
scheduled lesson.
 Although we will try to help with scheduling make up lessons, the
ultimate responsibility lies with the student Since time available for make-up lessons varies
not only with the students schedule but the instructors as well, the student should try to take
care of rescheduling missed lessons as soon as possible so that they do not fall off the books.
Makeup lessons are offered as a courtesy only when the following conditions are met.

1. BAD WEATHER: Even with the covered arena, weather can cause cancellations.   
Please remember that rain can be sporadic.  Never assume that lessons are being held and
never assume that lessons have been canceled.  Call and check!  Also be aware, if there has
been a spell of heavy rain, the footing in the arenas may be too wet to ride, even though
the sun is now shining brightly.  On rare occasions, lessons will have to be canceled after
the student has arrived. Please be aware that every effort is made to keep this from
happening, but it is the student’s safety that is at the forefront of this decision.    

2. ILLNESS: Please call before the lesson starts.

3. PERSONAL REASONS: If a student wishes to reschedule a lesson for any other reason,
they must let us know at least 24 hours in advance. A message on our voice mail will
suffice however please do not leave this message on our email.


1) A riding boot [these can be paddock boots, tall English boots (not rubber), or roper style boots
(lace up or regular)] If you are going to buy boots for this purpose, the leather paddock boots or
tall boots are preferred.  
2)Jeans or riding britches (exercise pants or leggings will work as well)
3) Gloves
4) An ASTM/SEI approved helmet.   Helmets can be purchased at Wheelers Feed and Outfitters