LHF Dressage Schooling Show Information

Entries must be receive at the farm no later than Sunday before the show.
This is considered the "in hand date

Entries delivered to farm after the "In Hand" must include late fees
Entries postmarked on or before "Postmark Date" will receive priority

No refunds will be issued or applied to future show after closing date.

Do not send entries Certified Mail as they will not be accepted
(we have to drive into Boerne to pick them up)

Do not pay with Cash or Money Orders or Cashiers Check
(we have to make special arrangements to refund if show is cancelled)

Coggins must accompany each entry
Name on Coggins and Entry should match or be listed AKA
(Staple behind entry upper left corner)

A separate check for the right amount must be attached to each entry
(If possible please staple to front of entry where noted)

One entry with separate check and Coggins per horse and rider

No entry accepted without payment of fees

Entry Fees

$30.00 per test
$30.00 office fee; per entry, (not test)

$5.00 late fee per test; space available basis

$30.00 Grounds fee (for horses not entered in show)
(All horses on grounds must display bridle tag and must enter by in hand date)

If one rider is riding multiple horses or multiple riders are sharing the same horse, or you have any other
special requirements such as time constraints, attach a cover sheet to every entry this applies to.

Management reserves the right to cancel or combine classes,
change officials, or refuse entries.  

Informal attire, boots and helmets mandatory.

Anyone mounted on a horse must wear properly fastened certified protective headgear per USEF Rules

USEF/USDF rules will be followed with regards to tack.

Classes Offered:

Lead Line Group Classs
(no one entered in Lead Line may enter any other class)
CTDS Lead Line Walk Only Test 1A
CTDS Lead Line Walk Trot Test A
CTDS Lead Line Walk Trot Test B
(see at http://ctdsdressage.org/minishows)

Introduction Test A,B,C
USEF Training through 4th level tests

USEA Tests
(2 copies of test to be sent with entry)

Western Dressage Tests
(2 copies of test to be sent with entry)

Open, Adult, 13/Over, 12/Under

1st-9th place in each class

Champion and Reserve Champion Ribbons will be given for each Division
within each Level when at least two or more Riders in the same
Division ride at least two or more tests at the same Level
Rider's top two scores will be averaged

80’x 160’ covered sand arena

Ride Times:
Ride times will be posted at www.libertyhillfarm.net
Thursday evening before the show

Please call 210-445-1935 if you need any information.