Kitch Simpson,
a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist brings
30 years professional teaching experience to each and every lesson.

Teaching as well as learning are life long pursuits for Kitch and
she continually works to upgrade her teaching and riding skills.  

After graduating collage with a degree in business,
she returned to complete university level education courses
to better understand how people learn.

In 1998 she was certified  by the
American Riding Instructor's Association
in both the Dressage and Hunt Seat disciplines.  

She has also participated as an instructor in all four of the
United States Dressage Federation's  Instructor Workshops and
has attended the United States Dressage Federation's "L" Program
in order to gain a greater ability to properly evaluative
dressage performance and the techniques of judging dressage.  

In 2003 she was awarded the USDF Region 9 Reserve Champion Trainer Award which was
awarded by the Houston Dressage Association.  This award was based on both her and her
students scores at the five state Region 9 Championship Competition.

Her students have routinely placed in
Region 9 Championships and have been
awarded both
USDF Bronze and Silver Medals

Learning to ride well rewards the student with a physical and emotional confidence and
self discipline which are sometimes hard to achieve in our modern life. We welcome you
to come and begin enjoying these rewards with us.